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Greasycle Container

Use this grease recycling container to store all of your used cooking grease and oil. Once full, take to your local recycling company where they will have your used oil/grease turned into biodiesel, which is a safer, cleaner fuel for our environment. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

*Caution: As with any hot liquid, please be careful when pouring hot grease and oil into container*

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grease can.jpg

backyard hobby greenhouse.jpg
Start growing veggies today!

This Backyard Hobby Beginner Greenhouse is designed for the serious home gardener. Grow your own organic vegetables — save money and eat healthier.

• Constructed of corrosion-resistant, sturdy natural finish, aluminum framing in a gothic style.
• Panels are of the toughest UV stabilized 4mm polycarbonate for superior heat retention and hot spot reduction.
• Corrosion-fighting gutters and end caps, with weather-tight seams, are standard.
• Side panels: 2'W x 4'H. Ridge Height: 6' 6".
• 2'W x 5' 5"H sliding door.
• One adjustable roof vent.
• For best results, install the energy saving Solar-Powered Vent Opener.
• Optional galvanized steel base, is recommended.
• Use SunBlocker™ 60% black knitted shade panels, sold separately, during extreme heat to eliminate heat stress and to ensure optimum plant growth.
• 10 year warranty on both frame and polycarbonate.
• Dimensions: 6'6"W x 6'6"H x 7'4"L.


Vent Cover.jpg

Greenhouse Solar-Powered Vent Opener keeps plants healthy and saves energy!

• Allows solar-powered control of either top or side mounted window vents.
• Adjustable opening temperature of 60°F to 75°F, and an 18" maximum opening.
• Soundless wax motor reacts to solar sensors, opening vent just enough, allowing for a quieter, relaxing environment.
• Works independent of power grid to continuously monitor greenhouse temperature.
• Recommended for use in temperatures up to 120°F.
• Lifting capacity: 15 lbs.
• It is recommended the vent cylinder be removed during the winter months.


Steel Base

Steel Base for Backyard Beginner Greenhouse

Recommended galvanized steel base for Steel Base for Backyard Beginner Greenhouse

Backyard Beginner Greenhouse

Steel Base.jpg

12' x 7' 60% Black Knitted Shade Panel

Black knitted Shade Panel.jpg

Prefabricated SunBlocker™ PolyMax® Knitted Shade Panel Shade Panel for Backyard Beginner Greenhouse.

• Exceptional quality, UV-resistant polyethylene yarns ensure long life and durability.
• PolyMax® Shade Material installs easily.
• Each panel is reinforced on all four sides with tape and grommets every 2' on center.

Backyard Beginner Greenhouse